Hello and welcome to my blog, teer on design.

teer is a strategic consultancy I started in 2003 to coach and mentor emerging and established design firms that have typically specialised in products, furniture, graphics and interiors.

The ‘why’ or purpose of starting teer was to understand challenges and help shape and influence behaviours that drive designers to lead a proactive work life. One that enables greater control and allows designers to fulfil their own potential and purpose which could be to ‘lead’ clients more so and not be led by them. Proactive Working is a mindset, a culture and my mantra in providing consultancy, coaching and mentoring services to designers.

I work with people through 1:1 coaching and consultancy to help them realise potential by; exploring behaviours and attitudes, understanding goals and perceptions, crafting value propositions and shaping activities that maintain and develop businesses.

Marketing: Business development, client retention and development, strategy and planning
People: Coaching, mentoring, roles and responsibilities
Business Processes: Business strategy and planning, business diagnostics
Financial Planning: Performance and efficiency

I bring that critical external perspective, valuable industry insights and practical objective guidance to support, challenge, motivate and facilitate such areas as;

  • the exploration and implementation of a proactive-working behaviour and culture,
  • the introduction of innovative and progressive new business initiatives,
  • tackling day-to-day business issues and challenges,
  • changing founder / owner / team mindsets, and more.

What’s special about my consultancy is captured in my testimonials, however, to describe it myself I would say…

The value of engaging teer is the understanding and perspective that comes from working with great designers for over 30 years, helping many to; shape their purpose, make valuable business connections, and to build tangible value.

How would I describe myself?

Proactive, ideas-led, motivational, diligent, affable, authentic.

What am I passionate about?

My fiancé Lisa and my son Ellis. I admire true innovation and like challenging conventions to make things better. I enjoy contemporary buildings, distinctive household furniture, golf and running.

What’s ahead?

I’ve worked with some very talented people, and have learnt a great deal about designers and what makes them tick. I look forward to more of the same – harnessing my experience to support designers that are looking to make their mark in the industry.

Simon Teer